1st Album: “One Small Step”

UNVL0001 "One Small Step" ジャケット

  1. Carol of Jealous
  2. Does She Hear Her Master Hear?
  3. SPring 8
  4. Midnight Sky, 4000m High
  5. Key and Keyhole
  6. Undefine soi et Birde
  7. For Night Queen
  8. Floatin’ on the Notes
  9. InaDance
  10. 吹かれ折られりゃ楽かろに
  11. 11th Dimension
  12. 【DS-10+】天空のグリニッジをアレンジしてみた【初挑戦】

Front Jacket Illustrated by あげは (ゆめうつつ
Rear Jacket Illustrated by げそ (ねこまち
Tracks 1-6, 10-12 Arranged by Pistachio (UNVALANCE)
Tracks 7-9 Arranged by t.w.s. (国跡不名)
All Songs Composed by ZUN (上海アリス幻樂団
Publish date: 09.12.30 at Comic Market 77

Demo is available.